About CIRL

Computational Intelligence Research Laboratory 

All of our staffs and members are doing research in the area of Pattern Recognition, Digital Image Processing, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy set theory, Digital Signal Processing, Communication Systems, Computer Vision, Random Processes, Synthetic Aperture Radar, Medical Image Processing, Mathematical Morphology and Robotics.

Student Seminars will take place at 1:30 pm every Friday.

What is Computational Intelligence (CI)?

Computational Intelligence (CI) is the study of the design of intelligent agents including the study of all non-algoritmizable process that can imitate humans’ (and/or animals’) problem solving. CI relies on and combines several algorithms in fuzzy systems, neural networks, evolutionary computation, swarm intelligence, fractals, chaos theory, artificial immune systems, wavelets, etc., to produce an algorithm that is intelligent somehow.

Research in CI

There are several research works in CI going on in the Faculty of Engineering, Chiang Mai University, for examples, the prediction of water level at Ping river for flood warning system, the microcalcification detection in mammograms to help radiologist, AI in games, unmanned intelligent vehicle, power prediction in reverse link for mobile DS/CDMA systems, cross-substation short term load forecasting, automatic defect inspection in hard disk drive industry, etc.

Career Paths in CI Area

Computational Intelligence graduates are becoming more and more needed in both private and government sectors. Since several applications require knowledge of how to make things more intelligent especially in Medical Applications, Telecommunications, Military Applications, Computer Networks, and Games or Simulation in Movie Business, etc.

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